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Valentine's Day Sweet Treat Gift Guide | Naturally Ideal

By Tucana Trading January 31, 2022 0 comments

How Valentine's Day Candy Came to Be

Heart box with chocolates

It's no secret that chocolate/candy and Valentine's Day go hand in hand and have for a while. This started when Cadbury decided to sell their chocolates in heart-shaped boxes in 1861 and when the brother of Oliver Chase (creator of the first automatic lozenge cutting machine and Necco wafers) figured out a method of pressing words into these candy lozenges. It’s also said that Daniel Chase was inspire by cockles. However, the conversation candies didn’t become heart-shaped until 1902.
Now, stores will have their Valentine’s themed candy on display even a month out from the holiday. Which is a good thing for couples and singles alike because who doesn’t love a heart-shaped sweet treat?
So, here’s a gift guide of all the yummy candies and chocolates that would make a great gift and some that would be the perfect party favor.




Reese's White Crème Covered Peanut Butter Hearts (9.6 ounce bag) - Get them here on Amazon
Heart shaped peanut butter cover white chocolate
These Reese's differ from the regular chocolate covered peanut butter cups because they are wrapped in pink crème and are heart-shaped. They come individually wrapped so they can easily be given away or kept for yourself.
Bayco Confectionary Dark Chocolate Covered Turkish Delight (4 Pack) - Get them here on Naturally Ideal
4 pack Belgian chocolate covered Turkish Delight candies
The classic Turkish Delight candy comes in a rose flavor and is wrapped in a delicious Belgian chocolate.
McSteven's Pink Hot Chocolate (5 Pack) - Get them here on Amazon
5 pack pink hot chocolate  packets
These hot chocolate packets would make a great party favor or gift for teachers and students to give out at school.



Tesla's Tiny Twist Pops Cherry (48 Piece) - Get them here on Amazon
Red lollipops in a Jar
Hand these cherry-flavored lollipops out at work or school. Or combine them with the ones below for a Valentine's themed candy bar at an event.
Tesla's Tiny Twist Pops Strawberry (48 Piece) - Get them here on Amazon
Pink lollipops in a jar
Pink is the ultimate Valentine's color. Combine the strawberry flavor with the cherry for a fun mixture. Or insert into a card to be given away at school.
Valentine Swirl Pop Suckers (12 Pack) - Get them here on Naturally Ideal
valentine's day lollipops

 These suckers feature cute sayings on the wrapper so the recipient can know exactly how you feel about them!


















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