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National Clean Your Desk Day | Naturally Ideal

By Tucana Trading January 10, 2022 0 comments

January 10th, 2021

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National Clean Your Desk Day falls on the second Monday of every January. This year it falls on January 10th—today! It isn't completely known where this holiday originates from but some speculate it has to do with the hectic holiday season where things like organization and cleanliness can fall by the wayside. Or it could have to do with new year's resolutions. Who knows!


Benefits of Cleaning Your Desk

File folder


Better Concentration

Clutter can be distracting. Cleaning up any messes that surround you during the day can help take away at least one distraction. So you can focus on the job at hand and not the unruly pile of papers in front of you.

Improved Efficiency

When you have better concentration, this is going to lead to increased productivity. And not only that, it's also going to be a higher quality of work. Knowing exactly where things are will cut down on time searching for that specific file or trying to find a pen.

Less Stress

Having a messy workspace has a domino effect. Not being able to focus means you're not working as efficiently; this means you won't be meeting goals. When you're not meeting your goals this can lead to stress and anxiety. In turn, organizing and cleaning off your workspace will reduce stress.

Keep At It

Papers on a desk

 Just because there's a specific day devoted to cleaning off your desk, doesn't mean you should only do this once a year! Set aside time at the end of each week or at least once a month to refresh your workspace. This will ensure you remain productive throughout the year and will be preforming your best. 

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