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Back to School | Naturally Ideal's Guide to the Upcoming School Year

By Tucana Trading July 02, 2021 0 comments

Back to school written in pink on a chalkboard with scissors, rulers, erasers, a red alarm clock, stapler and green and orange clips


Why This Back to School is Going to be Different Than Any Other for Parents and Students

It would be an understatement to say the school system is changing thanks to the pandemic. With most kids learning from home in 2020 and part of 2021, it's hard to know for sure what this upcoming school year will look like. Is it going to be distance, hybrid or in-person learning? The answer to that question will most likely differ from place to place. Right now it's pretty up in the air on which schools will offer what. Whether or not you agree with a certain way of teaching, the supplies your child will need to start the year off strong will differ based on what they're going back to. Naturally Ideal is here to help you figure that out for this upcoming back to school in the fall.

Supplies You'll Need For Each Form of Back to School Education


Teacher wearing a blue shirt zoom calls with student in white and brown striped shirt going over math


Distance/Online Learning

Just like regular, in-person learning, your children are going to need things like pens, pencils, notebooks and binders. Nothing has changed in that sense. Like in traditional education, refreshing these supplies at the start of the new school year is going to prevent things from becoming monotonous and stale for students. Things like a calendar or whiteboard will be very helpful in keeping track of the day and assignments. The most important supplies, however, will be electronics. Whether it's a tablet, laptop or printer, these are the foundation of distance learning. It's essential to have quality products that will be worth the money and won't let a student down in the middle of a test or presentation. Comfortable clothes are also something to look in to. Wearing jeans and shoes in the house isn't necessary and comfy clothing can help students focus on learning instead of itchy tags or tight pants. We suggest a nice pair of joggers or a soft dress.


Kids in masks running through school hallway, carrying notebooks and backpacks


In-Person Learning

For students finally going back to normal, there are quite a few new things they'll need. A backpack, for example. This wasn't something students got much use out of the past year so it's most definitely time to upgrade. We have a decent selection over on our website and Amazon. More than that, your kids will probably need fresh basics and school-appropriate clothing to start the year off right. Depending on where they are attending, a mask/mask holder may be a necessity for the time-being as well. Even if certain schools don't require masks, they will still be an asset for the coming flu-season! Even hand sanitizer may be a good thing to send with your student. Also make sure they are hydrated, don't let them leave the house without a quality and environmentally-friendly water bottle. 


Hybrid Learning

This is probably going to be a common way of attending school if the beginning of this year has any indication of the end of it. While this may be an optimal way of teaching, parents have to provide their children with supplies for home and at school. That means backpacks, clothing and masks, along with writing utensils and electronic to keep on their desk at home. Whether they are at home or in the classroom, make sure to provide them with healthy snacks to keep them going throughout the day. Food that's easy to grab on a break from the pantry and small enough to carry in their backpacks is always a good idea.


Mother hugs two children while sitting in front of a desk. The desk has papers, a coffee mug, tablet, laptop scattered on top.


The Most Important Thing You Can Provide Your Children When They Go Back to School

Whether your child is staying home, attending in-person or a mixture of both, the best thing you can do for them is provide support in these confusing times! Being prepared with the right school supplies is important, but being there to help your student navigate this new way of learning is key to them being successful. Let them know you're there for them in any struggles they face in the upcoming school-year. And then get to shopping!

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